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My "Now" Page

what I have been up to recently.

Learning more about SEO

SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization" and this is basically a set of tricks to make it easier to people to find your website. I am working on a new business project that requires this kind of knowledge. I am a dummy at SEO, so I bought a book called "SEO for Dummies".

You can check this book here.

Moving from Hollywood to Miracle Mile (still in LA)

After almost two years I was finally able to afford my own studio. So I left Hollywood and went to a place that will help me have more freedom and calmness in every aspect of my life. I am going to miss waking up with a blender noise.

Learning how to play tongue drums

After taking a break from playing guitar, I decided to try something new. I always wanted to learn how to play hang drums, but they are very expensive and can easily cost over two thousand dollars.

After doing some research, I found this very affordable "miniature" version of a Handpan. It is slightly different but the concepts are very similar and its incredibly fun!

It's hard to describe this instrument, but you can check me playing in the video below.

Getting started at calisthenics

After the lockdown, with the gyms closed I decided to do some pushups and abs by myself. I did only these two exercises for 3 months until realizing that it was necessary to change my routine a little, so I started to dig deeper in alternate bodyweight exercises on the internet and then I found about calisthenics and gymnastics.

In order to get better at it, I am using the book Overcoming Gravity by Steven Low.

Steven have a huge Reddit community and he is always helping his readers there.

Learning how to code

I never thought that coding could be this fun! I got inspired after seing Derek Sivers' website.
I have to admit that this site here is a cheap copy of his.

The idea of creating stuff just by writing weird things in a .txt file is just mindblowing for me. Right now I am getting deeper in HTML and CSS. That's how I am designing this blog.

If you want to learn programming too, I definetely recommend the website W3 Schools. Everything I did here was learned there, and it is free!

That's it!

If you are familiar with any of these things and would like to share experiences, e-mail me at I would love to discuss about any of them.