Bold Voyager


May 27th, 2021: "There are some things that no matter what you do, you will feel unsatisfied with the results, so just do it being your true self at the moment. If you do this way, good or bad, the outcome will be the best possible".

Dec 4th, 2020: "It's not about what you do, but what you don't do".

Nov 11th, 2020: If there is something that helps a lot when things are messy is just this mindset: Eliminate, Prioritize and Execute.

Oct 29th, 2020: I finished reading one of the best books I have ever read. "Man Search For Meaning" by Victor Frankl opened my mind to the many possibilities about my purpose in life and also gave me a great history class about the nazi concentration camps. Something that everybody should know.

Oct 22nd, 2020: “If you don't know what is your true passion yet, just keep doing different things that make you feel like a child again”. That was an idea taken from many podcasts that I listened to and also the book "Mastery" by Robert Greene. I have been putting this into practice for a few months now and it is helping.

Oct 21st, 2020: In order to avoid distractions, I deleted my social medias and many apps on my cell phone that takes me away from the present moment. It's been working pretty well but I realized that those were just the external sources of distraction. The next step would be to reduce the internal ones created inside my head.

Oct 20th, 2020: The more I think about living a good life, the more I believe that to do so, I have to reduce things.

Oct 18th, 2020: I saw this idea of a microblog on another website and I thought it's just genial. What a good way to share my ideas with coding. One more reason to stay away from social media.