We Are Creeks

July 11th, 2020

A river is born as a small creek.

Nimble and innocent, it runs. Bending here and there, it contours the warm-colored leaves, the thin branches, and the irregularities on the duff.

Going down the valley, it meets rocks, roots, and trees. The nature of the creek is to patiently skirt.

When the obstacles are too big, the creek stops for a while to grow a little bit.

This stop creates a pond that keeps growing and then it reaches an opening to pass through this natural wall.

The creek, now bigger meets with other tiny creeks on its way, absorbing them in its own flow.

It is not as agile as before and it still takes some time when some obstacles appear.

The water always finds its way.

It doesn't fight against the odds but gently acknowledges them.

Its body of water touches the rocks and trees while taking its time growing small lakes to overcome what is blocking the way.

Many ponds and lakes are created trough this creek's adventure.

The other streams helped a once a creek to turn into a huge river.

Now, this river is patiently slow, seems like it's not moving, but in reality, nothing can stop it.

It covers the obstacles with its water, ignoring the irrelevant ones as it shapes the landscape.

This river brings life and resources everywhere it passes by.

Since the beginning, the now river was going to a single direction, even with the turns and curves, It was always going down, little by little.

It might haven't even noticed but its destination was always the ocean.

We are nothing but creeks.