About me

Just in case you want to know, here's some things about me.

I am Brazilian

I was born and raised in a countryside town in Brazil called Americana. I lived there until I moved to Los Angeles in 2019.

I had a "Perfect" life

I had a pretty desirable career in Brazil. I had a nice job, a cool car, my own place, and enough money in my savings account. But something was missing. I missed excitement, adventure and challenges. I missed a smile on my face.

I always had this dream of becoming a musician, so after some events, I decided to just go after it. So I quit my job, sold all my stuff, enjoyed my family and friends for a 3 months, and then, I ended my "perfect life".

I slept in a kitchen... In Hollywood for over a year

California is expensive! I did some financial planning before moving here, but seems like... uh... lets say it wasn't very accurate (lol).

Since I wasn't allowed to work as a student, I really, I mean, really needed to cut my expenses. This situation made me learn a lot about how to prioritize things, and how to appreciate simplicity.

My favorite music styles

Right now I listen to celtic music and math rock a lot.

My top 3 favorite artists/bands that impacted my life the most are Red Hot Chili Peppers, John Mayer, and Foo Fighters.

I played music in the streets

One of my main sources of income while living in LA for the first year was by playing live music at famous streets around LA. Sometimes I still do it for fun.

I am a nerd and otaku

I played a lot of videogames until moving to United States. That's how I learned all the English I know, so sorry about some mistakes. If you like The Witcher 3, Assassin's Creed or Crash Bandicoot, please, contact me. We have to talk.

I also love animes and that's how I know a little bit of Japanese. I'm currently watching One Piece, Black Clover and I can't wait for MHA's next season.

I like nature

It's not clear, but some people say that nature is the escape route for introverts when overwhelmed.

I really like to walk into the woods, I like to be close to rivers and the sound of water and also watch the sunset and appreciate the colors of the sky during it.

I am left-handed

Left-handed people are usually very proud of it! I really would like to know why we exist! What's the point? And why we are not 50% of the world? Are we freaks? Do we have alien blood? Why am I left-handed but kick and push the skate with the right leg? So many mysteries...

I am looking for answers

I am constantly questioning things. In the last years, I was focusing too much in the world and forgot about myself. Nowadays, most of the time I am looking for internal answers.

Nice to meet you, I'm Fernando.